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The Capuzzimati winery was born in 1952 , founded by Cataldo Capuzzimati for the sole transformation of grapes from their own farm.

In the 1974 the management passes to their children who today provide for the vinification and marketing of high quality wines and spirits.


50 years of quality

With the specific professionalism and experience acquired over the years, the business has been strengthened through the refining, bottling and direct marketing of DOP and IGP wines produced with grapes from the Taranto and Salento area.

The Cantine Capuzzimati they guarantee the quality of their products and offer services with the professionalism they give over 50 years carry on with pride and passion.

In this magical land, we have been cultivating our vines since 1952, to obtain products such as Primitivo, Negroamaro and Malvasia that represent the name of the oenology of Puglia and in particular of Salento in the world.

The `` terroir '' of Salento

Our company is located in the center of the Salento area.

We are in San Marzano di San Giuseppe, in the heart of the Primitivo di Manduria production area.

Crossing our streets we find ourselves surrounded by large expanses of centuries-old olive trees with twisted trunks and vines for the most part cultivated with Apulian sapling and by thousands of dry stone walls that divide the land properties of our wise farmers. From time to time, it is also easy to meet the "pajare", ancient dry buildings, used by farmers to rest or to store their work tools.